Sri Reddy Leaks: Director Kona Venkat latest, 2 more later, says Telugu #MeToo actress

Sri Reddy, the Telugu actress who is naming the Telugu film industry celberities in her allegations of couching cast row, has named director Kona Venkat as the latest whom she claimed to have exploited her.

The name of Kona Venkat is the latest in the list of Sri Reddy, which had mentioned the name of Abhiram Daggubati, brother of Telugu actor Rana Daggubati of Bahubali fame. Prior to that, she had named director Sreeram Chandra and Sekhar Kammula.

Speaking to a Telugu TV channel Mahaa News, Sri Reddy claimed that Kona Venkat had asker to go over to a guest house to meet VV Vinayak for a role and it ended up as another case of sexual exploitation, she said. In support of her allegations, she has made available some screenshot of their conversation on social media, though authenticity of them is not verified so far.

Kona Venkat, in his response, demanded a police investigation and sought the judicial process to punish the guilty. "I demand the government to conduct through police investigation in these allegations and punish whoever are guilty," he tweeted. He described the allegations as cheap tactics to embarrass film personalities who have become "soft target."

However, he quickly added that he definitely support the demands of Sri Reddy who is seeking more Telugu artistes to be hired for roles in Telugu films. "I definitely support taking Telugu artists in our films.. In Geethanjali u find only Telugu artists," he reasoned it out.

Here’s the Saga of sri Reddy’s Leaks in the last two weeks:

Sri Reddy, a Telugu actress first appeared named famous director Sekhar Kammula in the so-called casting couch row, speaking to some TV channels. Soon, the director tweeted:"APOLOGIZE and take back every word that was posted against me or be ready to face legal action, which will include criminal/civil proceedings."

He said he never knew Sri Reddy and had been impartial in giving roles to actors in his films. "People who know me and my work would be aware of the kind of importance I give to equality of women and their empowerment. I live by my CHARACTER and die by it," he said. "I could never imagine in my wildest dreams that a woman whom I don’t know, have not seen or never spoken to in person or on the phone can suddenly make these baseless allegations. [sic]"

Next in the allegations of Sri Reddy is Telugu singer Sriram Chandra, who she accused of sending lewd messages and asking her to send images of her private parts. The actress soon shared their alleged conversation on WhatsApp.

Abhiram Daggubati, son of producer Suresh Babu and younger brother of Rana Daggubati, was named by Sri Reddy. She said Abhiram called her to a studio that belongs to the government and meant to help talented people. But Abhiram chose it as a venue for his sexual exploitation, she alleged.

Latest WhatsApp Telugu videos fame Viva Harsha was also one of the names she has alleged in her sri Reey Leaks.

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