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India International Times is an online digital newspaper, where we believe in delivering fast, accurate and no-fringe-attached news to the readers. It is our endeavor to avoid click-bait, inaccurate, over-hyped news aimed at cashing in on social-media trends.

India is fast emerging as a key nation in international politics and its decisions will soon have great impact on global agenda. Indians overseas do play a key role in enhancing the country’s image abroad, whether in science, technology or politics. News about India and about Indians abroad forms key focus of our news coverage.

We are a young site in an overcrowded market where there is enough content to confuse everyone but bringing news of the day with international perspective is our forte. We aim to bring India-centric global news of the day for the readers instantly, providing a glance at the impact and implications.

We sincerely refrain from misleading readers with click bait headlines which often upset the reader. To accomplish this edge, we keep our news stories in not less than 300 words each. We do not offer merely roundup of news of the day but take it ahead with a thoughtful, insightful look into the various news of the day. We want to pick what a reader needs to be aware of.

We focus on daily news stories pertaining to Indian Diplomacy, Finance, Foreign Relations, Politics, Technology, Science, Education and Entertainment.

We invite you not only to read our news stories but also to contribute liberally on any topics that might be of interest to you. If you want to contribute, please read through the following.

We follow certain Dos and Don’ts for contributors at India International Times:

First, please choose a news topic of the day and read at least three reports on the same and then make out the key points and add your own inputs in the form of new angle, research inputs, interview and background or similar events in the past connecting them and deciphering a new trend.

Please follow the news writing style, which should be unbiased and accurate avoiding opinions. Simple, straight and short sentences form the writing style while the first para or a lede should be in 30 to 50 words consisting what you are writing about.

Avoid plagiarism and as we have zero tolerance to it and your reputation is linked to it. Whenever you pick up stories from other sources, acknowledge it with links to the and mentioning it clearly. According to the Times of India or he told Reuters or Associated Press will make the story free from plagiarism.

We follow Reuters style (Google it here).

Please refrain from copy paste, but write in your own words, in simple but connected sentences. We edit stories but please do not burden our sub-editors to re-write the stories as it entails longer time per story and delay in publishing it.

Please use pictures from creative commons. Check Flickr advanced, search for creative commons and then search for pictures from there or from wiki commons. The ideal size of a picture we use is mid-sized measuring 650*450 pixels.

For videos, please link them to source such as YouTube videos, public Instagram and Facebook media sites of celebrities.

If you are keen, please write an e-mail to admin@indiainternationaltimes.com. You will be given access to our CMS, which is in wordpress. If you do not know how to work on it, please let us know and we will send a tutorial on it. We will evaluate and edit articles after submission.

Suggestions on improving our news coverage are welcome. Please do e-mail us at:

For Editorial Queries: Editor@indiainternationaltimes.com

For administrative queries: admin@indiainternationaltimes.com

Our Editorial Staff:

Editor/Publisher: Arun Kumar Nag, former journalist with India Today group of publications. He has more 9 years of experience and he can be reached at editor@indiainternationaltimes.com .

News Editor: Bharath Panchajanya, bharathp@indiainternationaltimes.com



Naresh V, Kumar, Business Correspondent,nareshkp@indiainternationaltimes.com

Srinivas Chakravarty, Tech Correspondent,srinivasc@indiainternationaltimes.com

Pallavi Guha, Senior Editor/Correspondent, pallavik@indiainternationaltimes.com




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