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Team Indus gears up for second chance at Lunar XPRIZE

TeamIndus rover

India’s first private sector space agency Team Indus is gearing up for the XPRIZE lunar launch giving final touches to its stalled latest mini rover meant for lunar landing. Since Team Indus failed to raise funds for ISRO-backed PSLV launch, it could not meet the deadline set by Google as of March 31, 2018. Eventually, Google withdrew the prize money ...

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New type of supercomputer could be based on ‘magic dust’ combination of light and matter

A team of researchers from the UK and Russia have successfully demonstrated that a type of ‘magic dust’ which combines light and matter can be used to solve complex problems and could eventually surpass the capabilities of even the most powerful supercomputers. The researchers, from Cambridge, Southampton and Cardiff Universities in the UK and the Skolkovo Institute of Science and ...

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India Pitches for Cashless, Digital Payments Campaign

As the demonetisation laid bare the difficulties of rural India not matching the urban centres in banking and payment technology, the Indian government has decided to pitch for a campaign provide information, education and communication, holding camps for transiting to the digital mode of payment. Among the series of measures undertaken include incentives to the district administration which will give ...

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