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Purchasing jewellery for a big occasion could mean pouring out one’s hard-earned savings but to make it notionally less burdensome,, an online jewellery retailer, has come to the rescue of jewellery lovers. offers easy EMI on diamond jewellery to its consumers without charging any interest, or additional cost over and above the price of the jewellery. The entire deal is between the jeweller and the buyer, without any involvement of the bank.

So now one can own a piece of bespoke, captivating diamond jewellery and also save money on their purchase. When ordering precious diamond jewellery on, the customer can book it with a part payment and then pay the rest with easy EMI (Equated Monthly Instalments) over a period of time, without paying any additional cost in the form of interest.

"We came up with the EMI idea to reach out to these significant concerns regarding jewellery purchase and make diamond jewellery affordable for consumers. Jewellery is not less than an investment, since it is meant for a lifetime," said Rupesh Jain, CEO of Candere, a jewellery start-up headquartered in Mumbai.

There is an understanding between the customer and the merchant to pay the remaining sum over a period of either six months or nine months, as per customers’ convenience and affordability. Since there is no interest involved, there is price protection, which means that a piece of jewellery is booked on a fixed amount – its site-price – and the rest is paid with not a penny more. It makes complete sense when people are worried about buying the best designs within a restrained budget. It allows people to fulfil their dreams and also gift precious jewellery to their loved ones.

Considering a consistent fluctuation in prices of gold and unstable market scenarios, this is a brilliant idea that Candere has come up with, which is working really well. It gives greater flexibility to the customer to buy expensive jewellery and not limit to smaller diamonds and lower price tags. Since the introduction of easy EMI by Candere, more and more people are now buying, wearing and even gifting beautiful diamond jewellery. Diamond is not a far-fetched commodity anymore; it is for one and all.

Defying age old norms about buying jewellery only from high-end stores, more and more buyers are now turning towards online purchase options. Not only that, buying expensive items like gadgets, bridal trousseau, electronics, fine jewellery through digital marketplaces has become as easy as a few clicks. Candere came up with the idea of EMI to address primary concerns of jewellery buyers, such as – hesitation to buy expensive jewellery pieces, due to concern of the cost factor – especially wedding related purchases. Since there are humongous expenses involved during a wedding, many families have to put a restrain over certain areas, which is where wedding jewellery comes under spotlight.

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