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Besides Remdesvir, 20 other drugs can stop Covid-19; Full List

After screening 12,000 drugs from the library of collections ReFRAME, scientists have isolated 21 drugs for their antiviral activity as effective in providing treatment to Covid-19 patients depending upon dosage and other modifications. The list includes astemizole for allergies and clofazamine for leprosy, and remdesivir, which are already approved by the the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). A Nature study ...

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Deleting Facebook cuts stress levels but depression stalks, says study

Facebook, which had admitted to sharing 50 million users’ data with political research tool Cambridge Analytica in 2015, is facing another challenge from the health experts, that too from the universities. Researchers from the University of Queensland have taken a look at cutting out on Facebook for five days and measuring the level of stress harmone cortisol, which has actually ...

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