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Indian Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar releasing the DRDO Procurement Manual 2016 on the occasion of handing over of four indigenous Naval Systems, developed by DRDO to the Indian Navy. (PIB Photo)

Pinaka Guided Rocket Successfully Test-Fired

The Pinaka Rocket converted to a Guided Pinaka was successfully test-fired from Launch Complex-III, ITR, Chandipur on Thursday, said the ministry of defence in a statement.

The Pinaka Rocket Mark-II, which evolved from Pinaka Mark-I is equipped with a navigation, guidance and control kit and has been transformed to a Guided Pinaka, which has considerably enhanced the range and accuracy of the rocket.

The test-firing has met all mission objectives with the radars, electro-optical and telemetry systems tracked at Chandipur facility that monitored the vehicle all through its flight-path. The Guided Pinaka is developed jointly by ARDE Pune, RCI Hyderabad and DRDL Hyderabad. ITR Chandipur provided the range and launch support for the successful test-firing.

Pinaka is a multiple rocket launcher produced by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) for the Indian Army. The system has a maximum range of 40 km for Mark-I and 65 km for Mark-II, and can fire a salvo of 12 HE rockets in 44 seconds. The system is mounted on a Tatra truck for mobility and it was used during the Kargil War effectively. On an average 5,000 missiles are being produced every year while the current one is an advanced version with enhanced range and accuracy.

Dr. K.M. Rajan, Director ARDE, Pune, Mr B.H.V.S. Narayana Murthy, Director, RCI, Hyderabad, Dr. B.K. Das, Director, ITR, Chandipur and Mr R. Appavuraj, Director, PXE, Chandipur monitored the launch operations and an Armed Forces team witnessed the flight test.

Indian defence minister Manohar Parrikar has congratulated the DRDO, industry and the Armed Forces for the successful flight-test and he was joined by top defence officials P.K. Mehta, DG (ACE) and Dr. S. Christopher, Secretary, Deptt. of Defence R&D and Chairman of DRDO.

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