New India? Refusal to Chant ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ Attracts Beating, What Next?

A teenager and his two friends were reportedly beaten up in Delhi, the capital of secular and independent India. The incident happened in a park outside a school in outer Delhi’s Begumpur area, police said on Tuesday.

According to police, the incident took place on 26 March, when three boys from a madrasa called up the police control room. They were beaten in the park and let off with injuries on their bodies. They were sent to medical inspection.

One of the 3 boys told police that he was asked to chant "Jai Mata di" and his statement was recorded again and new sections were added. However, the fear-stricken boys refused to record it in the complaint under fear but apparently told their elders that they were asked to chant "Bharat Mata ki Jai" and beaten up for not doing so.

It remains to be seen how many more such incidents actually occur and are reported.

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  1. Where are the INTOLERANCE brigade…..come on once again call press conferences and return whatever remaining awards you have,,,,a Muslim has been touched by the bad majority community. Amir Khan please call a press conference and once again threaten to leave the country.
    This madarsa guy who is alleging he was beaten, I watched him on TV, say to a question that ‘yes I din not want to say Bharat mata Kijai’. And the other madarsa guy said no one asked them to say Bharat mata Ki Jai but just Jai Mata Di.
    This is just trivial and no one knows are these guys speaking the truth or is it just a frame-up.
    But when just a few days back Dr Narang was murdered in cold blood by a mob of Muslims no one spoke. The INTOLERANCE brigade kept quite. Amir Khan kept quite. Arvind kehjriwal, who twitted within second of Kanahiya’s speech never cared to visit the family or order a judicial inquiry. Rahul Gandhi seems to have never heard of this murder. Congress, left, RJD, TMC, JDU, SP…..all kept quite. Most media like NDTV tried their best to paint it as a road rage. No one held candle march at India gate or in any other city anywhere in India. JNU the self proclaimed champions of ‘FREEDOM & HUMAN RIGHTS’ never uttered a word. No right groups organised any dharna or filed a case in supreme court. All this because Dr Narang was a common, useless, dispensable Hindu, no market value in terms of cashing for vote or chance to show oneselves as ‘INTELLECTUAL SECULAR’. Dr Narang’s news has disappeared even from media houses like ZEE TV and TIMES NOW, who claim to be impartial and follow relevant stories.
    Shame on such Indian Hypocrisy,,,,,Indians especially the majority community, can never stand on their feet they are all spineless……

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