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Under depression, Telugu TV news anchor Radhika Reddy commits suicide

A local Telugu TV News channel anchor Radhika Reddy committed suicide on Sunday night after returning from work, stating that her brain "is her enemy," indicating the stress and depression over marital and family problems.

Radhika Reddy, 36, jumped off the 5th floor of her apartment building at Moosapet in Hyderabad. the police have recovered a suicide note and a registered a case as per the norms. The anchor, who has a mentally diabled 14-year-old son, has been staying with her parents since months when her husband divorced her.

Radhika died instantly with severe head injuries and fractures. At 10:50 she was reportedly seen crying and rushing upstairs by other residents in the apartments. When some of them followed her, she reached the fith floor and then jumped off, they said.

In her suicide note left in her bag, she had reportedly written that depression is the main cause for her suicide. She has written, "Under severe depression, I am taking my life. My brain is my enemy."

Screen grab of ‘Sakshi TV’ showing Radhika Reddy news coverage

Hyderabad has become a city of suicides with the uneven development and social pressure being exerted on the city amid a fast-paced growth, especially in the last one decade. Hardly a day passes off without a suicide news by a teen or a student or even a celebrity.

Essentially, depression has become the main cause triggering suicide and depression is directly linked to isolated lifestyle, highly unsocial society, fewer friends, peer circle pressures, competition and above all lack of psychological or elderly counselling in city life.

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