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UFOs floating in shape over Shrewsbury, claims ex-army officer

An ex-army officer has claimed that he has captured a streak of UFOs floating over Shrewsbury, in Pontesbury Hill and the witness assured the viewers that it was not a military aircraft.

"Having served in the forces for over 30 years, I can bet my pension they are not known to the military. They moved slowly around the back of Pontesbury Hill and out towards Eastridge Woods," he said, reports Shropshire Star.

He said the unidentified flying objects did not make any sound and they moved in a controlled manner in the skies of Shrewsbury moving towards Stiperstones. They are certainly not the Chinese lanterns released during the festive season to float around in the sky along with the wind, he said.

“Did anyone else see these as I’m told that Shropshire is a hotspot for UFO sightings?" asked the witness, whose name has not been revealed.

The UFO sightings has increasingly been making it to the newsrooms and many former space scientists and astronauts have joined the row either claiming to have seen UFOs or denying the phenomenon as a hoax.

In addition, the time travellers have been hitting the Youtube or social media claiming that they had visited a particular year in the future and recollecting their experience. But none of them reveal their name or face or even their voice.

Since readership for anything UFO or time-travel is high, even major news outlets have repeatedly published such news. NASA, however, remains stuck to it stand that they are Internet Hoax.

But UFO buffs around the world claim that the governments are aware of alien existence and they even collaborate with them.


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