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Mystery structure beneath sea points at the lost city of Atlantis?

Based on Google Earth 3D imagery, Google users have spotted something unusual and conspiracy theorists believe it might have been the lost city of Atlantis that Plato had suggested claiming his grandfather has passed the legend to him.

According to Ancient Code, “Through violent earthquakes and floods, in a single day and night of misfortune [the whole race] was swallowed up by the Earth and the island of Atlantis disappeared into the depths of the sea,” said Plato.

A video posted on YouTube shows a strange strange structure at a depth of over 4,500 meters under the ocean off the coast of Africa, in a spooky geometric pattern. Atlantis was believed to have been made of up rings in a circular structure, whereas this structure is in geometric lines.

The Youtube video claims that “the lost civilisation of Atlantida” has been discovered though. Time magazine, quoting, Google engineers said the structure was merely an artefact created by boats collecting sonar mapping data and not the lost city of Atlantis.

Similar 3D formations spotted on Google Earth include a large triangle on the ground in Wittmann, Arizona. For decades, conspiracy theorists argued that this could be the triangle symbol with connotations to the Illuminati in Biblical context.

Of late, Biblical traces to strange formations on the earth have been circulating via the social media. Even numerologist david Meade has been surfacing every three months to suggest a new date based on Biblical contexts and this time he cited April 23 as the Doomsday or the day Rapture begins.

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