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Inauguration of 2-day National Conference on “Uniformed Women in Uniformed Women in Prison Administration”

The Minister of State for Home Affairs Shri Kiren Rijiju will inaugurate the 2-day National Conference on “Uniformed Women in Prison Administration” here tomorrow. The Conference is being organised for women officers of the rank of Jailors to Dy. Superintendents of Prisons. This Conference will have Panel Discussions, Deliberations and Syndicate Discussions on 4 themes: • Are Woman Prison Officers ...

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PM meets all-women crew of Navika Sagar Parikrama (INSV Tarini)

Six women officers of the Indian Navy, who are due to circumnavigate the globe on the sailing vessel, INSV Tarini, called on Prime Minister Narendra Modi today. This is the first-ever Indian circumnavigation of the globe by an all-women crew. They will begin their voyage later this month from Goa, and expect to return to Goa in March 2018, after ...

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Outdoor light at night linked with increased breast cancer risk in women

A large long-term study found that breast cancer risk may be higher for women who live in areas with high levels of outdoor light at night. The link between outdoor light at night and breast cancer was found only among women who were premenopausal and were current or past smokers, and was stronger among those who worked night shifts. Women ...

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The environmental injustice of beauty

Women of color have higher levels of beauty-product-related chemicals in their bodies compared to white women, according to a commentary published today in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. The authors say even small exposures to such toxic chemicals can lead to health problems. They go on to say that reproductive health professionals must be prepared to counsel patients ...

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Study in mice may reveal insights into causes of miscarriages for some women

Researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital have identified how natural killer cells in the mouse placenta can cause a fetus to fail to grow in the womb or cause miscarriages. They also identified several possible treatments in a paper published online today in the journal Nature Communications. The researchers, led by Dr. Heyu Ni, a scientist in the Keenan Research Centre ...

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Women show cognitive advantage in gender-equal countries

Women’s cognitive functioning past middle age may be affected by the degree of gender equality in the country they live in, according to new findings from Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. “This research is a first attempt to shed light on important, but understudied, adverse consequences of gender inequality on women’s health in later life,” ...

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Flax Seeds Help Women Most: Study

Flaxseed is the new sought-after supplement in faily diet owing to its component lignans which help women to get regular menstrual cycle and also reduce the risk of breast cancer, show recent research findings. According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, flax seed contains lignans, also called phytoestrogens, bearing a chemical structure similar to estrogen but unlike estrogen that ...

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Life Expectancy: Indian women live longer than men

Life expectancy has escalated to a great extent since 1990 as people even in poor nations are living longer than ever, though many of them struggling with sickness and age-old ailments, finds a new study. In India, between 1990 and 2013, life expectancy for men and women has elevated by 6.9 years and 10.3 years, respectively. Photo Credit: Pedro Ribeiro ...

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