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Japan, Germany join hands for Mars Moon Exploration (MMX)

When it comes to expansion or exploration, Japan and Germany stand together as history has repeatedly shown us. Soon after launching a rover on asteroid Ryugu last month, Japan has announced its future vision to explore Mars moons in collaboration with the German space agency. JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) and Germany’s Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES), and the German ...

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Are UFO revelations true? Buzz Aldrin clears lie detector test on UFO sighting

Astronauts Buzz Aldrin, Al Worden, Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper have one thing in common, they are among the ardent defenders of UFO theory and claimed to have seen or chased many during their space travels. Now, all the four have cleared a lie-detector test, which reiterates their claim. The lie detector test was carried out using the latest technology ...

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NASA Successfully Tests Mini Methane Sensor for Future Mars Exploration

A JPL mini methane gas sensor is flight tested on a small unmanned aerial system (sUAS) under a project to improve energy pipeline industry safety. The sensor enables methane detection with higher sensitivity than previously available for the industry in hand-carried or sUAS-deployable instruments.Credit: University of California, Merced

NASA researchers have developed a mini drone-like methane sensor that can fly and successfully tested it on a Vertical Take-off and Landing like any small unmanned aerial system (sUAS). The sensor, developed by JPL for use on Mars, will be used to detect methane with much higher sensitivity than previously available, especially in NASA’s next mission to Mars in 2018. ...

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