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Fatal Cancer found in dinosaur that lived in present Canada 76 million years ago


Roughly 76 million years ago, a Centrosaurus that lived in what is now Canada was walking around with a malignant tumour in its lower leg, found scientists based on its deformed fossil bone. The cancer was diagnosed osteosarcoma and this is the first time that cancer has been confirmed in a dinosaur, although scientists have identified benign tumours in Tyrannosaurus ...

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Mexico cave stone tools hint Americans arrived much earlier, say 30,000 years ago

One of the limestone artefacts found at the site.Credit: Ciprian Ardelean

A massive haul of stone tools discovered in a cave in Mexico provide evidence that people occupied the area more than 30,000 years ago, suggesting that humans arrived in North America at least 15,000 years earlier than had been previously thought. The discovery is backed up by a separate statistical analysis incorporating data from sites in North America and Siberia. ...

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Flowers origin traced to 174 million years, 50 Mln years earlier than previously thought

Analysis of fossil specimens of a flower called Nanjinganthus from the Early Jurassic (more than 174 million years ago) suggests that flowers originated 50 million years earlier than previously thought, a study published in eLife reports. Before now, angiosperms (flowering plants) were thought to have a history of no more than 130 million years – despite molecular clocks indicating they must have ...

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