New Year Eve
The Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi greeting the President, Mr Pranab Mukherjee, on the occasion of New Year, at Rashtrapati Bhavan, in New Delhi on January 01, 2017.(PIB Photo)

New Year’s Eve Celebrated Around the World

Come New Year’s Eve, display of fireworks to revelers displaying the joyous mood mark the night of December 31 every year. Throughout the world the celebration begin with New Zealand and Australia reporting it first and New York or California joining the party much later in the day.

New Zealand:

A giant digital clock on Auckland’s landmark Sky Tower will show the countdown to New Year with people joining the spree shouting the seconds down to midnight. This is the first New Year Celebration every year to report with horns blared and crowds cheered as the tower goes up in lights varying from green to red to white in colour accompanied by fireworks.


In Australia, Sydney’s famed harbour hosts pyrotechnics followed by waterfall of multicoloured fireworks in the sky, witnessed more than a million people off the Harbour Bridge.


It’s holiday mood in Japan with most of the offices empty and cities virtually deserted. The New Year’s eve is celebrated by Tokyoites with children by releasing balloons from the top of the Tokyo Tower. Otherwise, millions of people leave cities for hometowns in trains. Temple ceremonies come to life on the New Year’s eve with the bronze bells ringing in the new year.

South Korea:

South Koreans too mark New Year’s Eve with traditional bell ringing ceremonies in Buddhist temples, with fireworks and music accompanied by pubic shows and performances in cities. On this day, several North Korean refugees, usually gather near the border to wish for a united Korea one day.


It is the fireworks time and celebrations on top of Kuala Lumpur’s landmark, Petronas Twin Towers, make the New Year’s Eve celebration in Malaysia comparable with the ‘Ball Drop’ at Times Square in New York.


China celebrates New Year’s Eve hosting performances and fireworks near Beijing’s Forbidden City in the Imperial Ancestral Temple in Beijing. Those at home are usually glued to TV broadcast of a gala from the National Stadium, known to most as the iconic Bird’s Nest.


Fireworks mark both the revelry and tragedy of Filipinos on New Year Eve over the years. Traditionally Filipinos eat “media noche” on the midnight as others try thier hands at fireworks to make the loudest noise possible in Manila. After 2015 New Year Eve tragedy that injured about 850, shopping malls are holding the fireworks display to discourage individuals firing crackers in the city. Even the annual procession called the Black Nazarene, or carrying a black wooden statue of Jesus Christ, is being held a day earlier now to avoid injuries due to left over crackers on the streets.


Following the demise of King Bhumbol, the New Year Eve will not be held in Thailand, which is observing one year mourning. Some of the canceled events include the Central World’s New Year Countdown Party & Beer Garden, the annual Patong Carnival, no fireworks at Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) this year, and the New Year celebrations in Pattaya.


Delhi, known for its showcase culture, will see many youngsters celebrating the New Year’s Eve on the streets dancing in an inebriated status while the police try to keep an eye on motorcyclists and drunk vehicle drivers. Usually Rashtrapati Bhavan is illuminated on the New Year’s Eve and 5-star hotels hold special events with live bands, dancing and plenty of drinks.

United Arab Emirates

In Dubai, the world’s second tallest building Burj Khalifa will be fitted with 400,000 LED lights and 1.6 tons of fireworks planned on every New Year’s Eve.

Gaza Strip

Palestinia hardly celebrates the New Year as Gaza’s Islamist Hamas rulers have banned New Year celebrations in the Palestinian territory and hotels and restaurants were not allowed to hold parties for three days, a day before the New Year and a day after the New Year.


The Champs Elysee in Paris is usually the centre of New Year’s Eve celebrations every year though last year it was not held due to November terrorist attacks in the city. It is likely that the Elysee may bring back the revelry of the New Year this time.


Brussels, the capital of Belgium, canceled last year’s New Year’s Eve fireworks due to fear of terrorist attack but this year, it may be resumed though at a scaled down level.

United Kingdom

Fireworks in London are the most watched scenes around the world over the New Year’ Eve until the New York Ball drop takes place. Spectacular fireworks in London, Edinburgh and other big cities mark the event but police keep a tab on those without tickets.


Remember the Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil? It’s here the giant Christ statue will be lighted to say goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017. Last year’s New Year’s Eve show was illuminated by 24 tons of fireworks spanning over 16 minutes. Music shows, samba dances and revelers mark the day with their performance.

US – New York

Come to New York on New Year’s Eve and watch the historic Ball Drop at Times Square at the midnight. Nearly one million people watch the event every year and big music bands including Luke Bryan, Charlie Puth, Demi Lovato and Carrie Underwood would perform. The descent of a glittering crystal ball from a rooftop flagpole marks the fireworks.

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