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India Cites Salahuddin’s Claim as Proof of State-Sponsored Terrorism

In a response to the interview by global terrorist Syed Salauddin, the Pakistan-based self-styled head of the United Jihad Council and Chief of internationally designated terrorist organisation Hizb-ul-Mujahideen, telecast by a Pakistan TV Channel on 2 July 2017, India said it was a clear example of terrorists being given shelter in Pakistan.

The official Spokesperson said:”The brazen admission by Syed Salauddin of perpetrating terrorist attacks on India and having the capacity to carry out such attacks at any place and time in India is a further proof of Pakistan’s continuing policy of cross border terrorism.”

He said the confession affirms the complicity of Pakistan’s state mechanism in using terrorist proxies as a matter of policy against the neighbours. The interview clearly “highlights the unabashed manner in which terrorist organisations and leaders enjoy freedom of operations in Pakistan, including access to terror financing and procurement and supply of weapons for terrorism,” he said.

Indian spokesperson also said that it is a matter of deep regret that senior Pakistan functionaries continue to justify and defend the activities of such internationally designated terrorist entities and leaders. These terrorists are responsible for killing thousands of innocent civilians over the past three decades, he added.

“Pakistan must give up its policy of cross-border terrorism, fulfill its obligations under international resolutions and stop all activities of terrorists from the territory under Pakistan’s control,” sid the spokesperson in a ministry briefing.

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