Defeated India Looks for Scapegoat, Anil Kumble to Exit


Pakistan has thrashed sixers and boundaries to set a huge target of 238 for India in the second half of the play in the final of India vs Pakistan final match of ICC Championship 2017 Trophy being held at the Oval in London.

Not unexpected, India was defeated with all out for 180 despite its record defeat of the new champions in the opening match on June 4 as it could not maintain the same tempo in the final.

Pakistan’s Hafeez was dismantling the Indian bowling towards the end and noticeably one can attribute the upper hand of Pakistan to its determination to avenge the defeat two weeks ago, knowing Indian team was an utter failure with its poor bowling strategy.

Leaving Indian spectators into gloom, Pakistan run rate remained around a comfortable 6.4 throughout the play and increased towards 6.66 in the entire show on average. Descpite Bhubaneshwar Kumar entering at the last to test his bowling spree, little could it help the defenders of ICC Championship.

The next question is whether Indian batsmen blame it on their coach Anil Kumble who is already seen at clash with Captain Virat Kohli for his strict adherence to rules and discipline. It is always the poor scapegoat who exits after such ignomious defeat in Indian sports scene and not the main culprits.

The defeated Indian team will soon reach West Indies to test its mettle but no wonder rumours are abound over the match fixing in the social media.

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