CBSE to hold re-exam on April 25 for Class 12 Economics, Class X Undecided


Battered CBSE has announced a re-test for Class 12 Economics paper on April 25 throughout the country. It has further clarified that the Class 10 Maths paper re-test will be held, if required, in July, that too in Delhi, Haryana and NCR region and not all over the country, giving relief to many Class 10 students elsewhere in the country.

The ambiguity over Class X mathematics paper is due to the fact that the leak was confined to Delhi and Punjab, and once the enquiry is completed, the board will decide whether to hold the exam or not, said Anil Swarup, Secretary, School Education, in the Union Human Resource Development Ministry.

“The leak was restricted to Delhi and Haryana. If at all a re-exam will happen, it will happen only in these states in July. A decision will be taken on this in the next 15 days,” Swarup told reporters.

Referring to the Class 12 economics paper, the re-test will be held on April 25 not not outside the country as the leak confined to India only, said the HRD official. He further clarified that there will be no delay in the publication of results in May as per the schedule.

Replying to protests and demands that the CBSE chief should be removed, he said only after the enquiry, the responsibility on people who are behind the paper leak. “Action will be taken against whoever is responsible. But you cannot pre-empt the inquiry. Without inquiry action will not be possible,” he said and added that there will be two levels of inquiry, one is the police inquiry and the other is a departmental inquiry.

It may be recalled that in 2014, Class 12 physics paper was leaked in one of the northeastern sates and the CBSE pleaded in the apex court that a re-test was not required since the leak was limited to a region and the online access was not visibly seen in other places.

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