Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi visits Dargah Ajmer Sharif to offer ‘Chadar’ on behalf of  PM

chisti chaddar

Union Minister for Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi on Monday offered ‘Chadar’ on behalf of Prime Minister  Narendra Modi at dargah of Sufi Saint Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti at Ajmer Sharif in Rajasthan. In his message, Prime Minister Narendra Modi conveyed greetings and best wishes to followers of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti in India and abroad on the occasion of 806th annual ...

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100 monuments to be upgraded under ‘Adarsh Smarak’

india tourism

Archaeological Survey of India has undertaken the task of providing basic amenities hitherto unknown to it such as providing drinking water, toilet blocks, facilities for physically challenged, pathways, cultural notice boards, vehicle parking, cloak rooms, among others to tourists visiting centrally protected temples and monuments. For now, several archaeological sites have been identified for these basic public facilities, including all ...

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Google makes its AI-driven tool open-sourced, takes on Apple, Samsung with Portrait mode in Pixel phones

Google has made its Artificial Intelligence tool open-sourced technology and it can make portraits on its smartphone Pixel 2 possible. Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL without a dual-rear camera can be used with a Portrait mode on the front and rear camera, driven by AI software known as “semantic image segmentation model” or “DeepLab-v3+” and implemented in TensorFlow. ...

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Australia Coral Reef Experiment Shows Acidification from CO2 stems growth

Ocean acidification will severely impair coral reef growth before the end of the century if carbon dioxide emissions continue unchecked, said new research on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef led by Carnegie’s Ken Caldeira and the California Academy of Sciences’ Rebecca Albright. Their work, published in Nature, represents the first ocean acidification experiment in which seawater was made artificially acidic by ...

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NASA finds towering storms in Tropical Cyclone Linda

Towering thunderstorms were found southeast of Tropical Cyclone Linda’s center when the Global Precipitation Measurement mission or GPM core satellite passed overhead and analyzed the storm. Tropical cyclone Linda formed in the Coral Sea west of Vanuatu on March 12, 2018. Linda’s winds have increased slightly while the tropical cyclone moved toward the south-southwest.Tropical cyclone Linda had winds of about ...

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World’s largest cities deplete water in rural surroundings too: Study

Urbanization has depleted the rural countryside of its people earlier and now evaporating its water, said a study. Many cities rely on renewable freshwater regularly refilled by precipitation, instead of depending on groundwater or desalinated water, it said. The study led by Colorado State University researchers found that 19 of the 29 largest cities world over depend on water resources ...

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Stephen Hawking Dead, Last Advice to Humanity to Escape Earth Remains

Famous physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking, who was confined to a wheel-chair since late 1970s, died on Wednesday, March 14, when the world was celebrating the ‘Pi in the sky’ and the birth anniversary of Albert Einstein. His last prediction was that aliens would invade the earth and it is better for the humanity to escape and colonize either Mars ...

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Facebook opens Design4India Studio in Bengaluru

Facebook on Monday launched "Design4India Studio" in Bengaluru to provide support and mentorship to the design industry. The studio was launched to provide mentorship in design, innovation and entrepreneurship for software companies and startups, and the National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom) has also joined hands with Facebook in the venture. "Our first of many ‘Open for all’ ...

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World’s smallest PC ‘LIVA Q’ now available in India for Rs.15K

Taiwan-based electronics major Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) has brought its world’s smallest computer to India on Tuesday. The Windows-based mini-PC called "LIVA Q" will be available in India for Rs.15,500, with dual network options. The pocket-sized device has the latest Intel Apollo Lake SOC processors along with 4GB RAM and 32GB eMMC storage and HDMI 2.0, running on Windows 10 ...

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Japan scientist finds 1 out of 15 exoplanets habitable


Japanese astronomer team led by Teruyuki Hirano of Tokyo Institute of Technology has validated 15 exoplanets orbiting red dwarf systems and found one of them highly akin to Earth and habitable. It could be of particular interest as researchers describe it as a ‘super-Earth’, which could harbour liquid water, and potential alien life. One of them, K2-155 located around 200 light years ...

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March 14 is Pi Day, here’s what’s JPL planning to do in sky

March 14 is Pi Day, a celebration of the beloved number known as pi. JPL is celebrating Pi Day with the fifth annual “Pi in the Sky” illustrated math challenge, featuring pi-related space problems that you can do at home. Pi is often abbreviated as 3.14 (which is why Pi Day is celebrated on March 14), but there are actually an ...

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Diamond impurities indicate water flows deep in Earth’s mantle too

A scientist from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, has discovered the first direct evidence that fluid water pockets may exist as far as 500 miles deep into the Earth’s mantle. Impurities in diamond have no value in the jewelry business but for UNLV geoscientist Oliver Tschauner and his colleagues, diamonds pushed up from the Earth’s interior had traces of ...

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Andhra CM ponders Hyperloop for future transportation

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu never flips any project if it has tech advantage and in his bid to make the upcoming capital Amaravati unique and robust, he is pondering the possibility of Hyperloop transportation. The blue print work is on to build India’s first Hyperloop transportation facility to connect Vijayawada with Amaravati in Andhra Pradesh, covering 40-km ...

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Sridevi never had history of heart problems, says Sanjay Kapoor

Sridevi’s sudden heart attack has shocked not only her family but the entire Bollywood as she had no history of any heart ailment. According to family sources, the actress, staying in Jumeirah Emirates Tower hotel in Dubai, fell unconscious in the hotel washroom on Saturday night at 11 pm after suffering a heart attack. Her family members soon rushed her ...

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Sridevi’s failed wish


Sridevi has long dreamed about seeing her daughter Jahnvi Kapoor’s upcoming film “Dhadak”, starring Shahid Kapoor’s brother Ishaan Khatter and produced by Karan Johar, but will not be there when the film hits screens on July 20. Sridevi, who was media-shy by nature, kept her daughters away from the glare of media and paparazzi until her elder daughter Jahnvi turned ...

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Trump Admn cracks whip on H1B Visa, Indian techies to pack up sooner than before

Video grab of PM Narendra Modi with US President Donald Trump on Monday (White House)

Unlike the expectations, the Trump administration has finally cracked the whip on H1B work visa rules making it difficult for the ‘friendly-nation’ India’s passport holders, especially IT employees, who may find it just impossible to turn them into Green Cards now. The changes announced in a memo issued by the US Citizenship & Immigration Services on Friday, February 22 makes ...

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Amateur astronomer greeted by exploding supernova

As luck would have it, a supernova greeted an amateur astronomer who has just focused his camera and soon an international team of researchers were alerted to validate theoretical predictions about the initial evolution of such stellar explosions. Current theory suggests an explosive shockwave travels through the star’s interior before reaching the surface and producing a sharp peak of electromagnetic ...

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