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Even one small drink of alcohol linked to risk of atrial fibrillation

Take home figure from the editorial showing the risk of different cardiovascular events per one standard drink CREDIT European Heart Journal

A study of nearly 108,000 people has found that people who regularly drink a modest amount of alcohol are at increased risk of atrial fibrillation, or a condition where the heart beats in an abnormal rhythm.The study, published in the European Heart Journal [1], found that, compared to drinking no alcohol at all, just one alcoholic drink a day was linked ...

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Infants know what we like best, WashU study finds

Behind the chubby cheeks and bright eyes of babies as young as 8 months lies the smoothly whirring mind of a social statistician, logging our every move and making odds on what a person is most likely to do next, suggests new research in the journal Infancy. “Even before they can talk, babies are keeping close track of what’s going ...

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No Life Possible Due to UV Radiation on Mars, Finds New Study

When NASA scientists declared that finding alien organism on Mars surface is a possibility soon, they were not sure about the perchlorate effect. Now that new research has found that the bacteria exposed to UV-activated perchlorate were killed within minutes, may change their perception about the possibility of life in the form of any organism, forget about the bacteria. Perchlorate ...

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