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UFOs floating in shape over Shrewsbury, claims ex-army officer

An ex-army officer has claimed that he has captured a streak of UFOs floating over Shrewsbury, in Pontesbury Hill and the witness assured the viewers that it was not a military aircraft. "Having served in the forces for over 30 years, I can bet my pension they are not known to the military. They moved slowly around the back of ...

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Are UFO revelations true? Buzz Aldrin clears lie detector test on UFO sighting

Astronauts Buzz Aldrin, Al Worden, Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper have one thing in common, they are among the ardent defenders of UFO theory and claimed to have seen or chased many during their space travels. Now, all the four have cleared a lie-detector test, which reiterates their claim. The lie detector test was carried out using the latest technology ...

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