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#MeToo knocks the door of Indore as 2 men try to pull skirt of model on scooter

Last week the #MeToo movement reached its peak in Hyderabad when an actress bared her top in protest against ‘Casting Couch’ in the Telugu Film Industry. Almost everybody familiar with the Telugu films were shocked to know the dark side of the film industry. While many parents are swearing not ever send their children to act as models or actors ...

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#MeToo movement hits Telugu film industry, Sri Reddy leads it the nude way

The heatwave generated by the “Me Too” movement in Hollywood is now sweeping the Telugu film industry when TV journalist-turned-actress Sri Reddy removed her clothes in protest against sexual harassment by brokers and middlemen. She was arrested immediately for creating nuisance in public space but she was able to dent the image of the worsening Telugu film industry with allegations ...

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