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Mystery structure beneath sea points at the lost city of Atlantis?

Based on Google Earth 3D imagery, Google users have spotted something unusual and conspiracy theorists believe it might have been the lost city of Atlantis that Plato had suggested claiming his grandfather has passed the legend to him. According to Ancient Code, “Through violent earthquakes and floods, in a single day and night of misfortune [the whole race] was swallowed ...

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End of the World champion Meade surfaces again, says April 23 the Doomsday

Numerologist and Christian conspiracy theorist David Meade never relents despite series of failures to his predictions in the past and now he has come up with the Doomsday as April 23, 2018, suggesting that the world will end ten days from now. Citing the Bibile codes, he said earlier that the end of the world would come on November 23, ...

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