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India Provides NRs.24.9 Lakh to Nepal for Highway Projects

Indian Ambassador Ranjit Rae handed over a Cheque for four highway projects to Nepal Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Transport Mr. Ramesh Lekhak at Singha Durbar in Kathmandu on Monday, January 30, 2017. (Photo courtesy: Indian Embassy, Nepal)

Indian embassy in Nepal has handed over a cheque for NRs.24,97,10,698.17 towards 25 percent of the cost of the four contracted road stretches in Nepal, as part of the aid to support infrastructure development in the Himalayan neighbour. The roads — Birendrabazaar-Mahinathpur, Janakpur-Yadukuwa road, Manmat-Kalaiya-Matiarwa (0-15 km road) and Manmat-Kalaiya-Matiarwa (15-26.660 km road) — are being built under Postal Highway ...

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IMF Conference: Modi Ponders India’s Future and Asia’s 21st Century

PM IMF speech

Addressing the IMF conference in New Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Asian people save more traditionally compared to other parts of the world and the future of world economy belongs to them as they have surplus to invest in rejuvenating the global economy, though IMF quotas do not reflect the global economic realities. Change in quotas is an issue ...

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