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Sauna bath daily reduces risk of heart disease by 61%, says study

Frequent sauna bathing is good as it reduces the risk of stroke, said a new international study. The study followed people taking a sauna for 15 years and found the frequent goers benefit more from it. Those taking saunda 4-7 times a week were 61% less likely to suffer a stroke than those taking a sauna once a week, said ...

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9/11 ‘dust’ Leaves Many Children with Risk of Heart Disease

After the collapse of the World Trade Center towers on 9/11 in 2001, the “cloud” of toxic debris across Lower Manhattan, left behind nearby children who breathed in the ash and fumes to suffer from heart disease 16 years after. An analysis by NYU Langone Health researchers of blood tests of 308 children, 123 of whom may have come in ...

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High salt intake associated with doubled risk of heart failure

High salt intake is associated with a doubled risk of heart failure, according to a 12-year study in more than 4 000 people presented today at ESC Congress.1 “High salt (sodium chloride) intake is one of the major causes of high blood pressure and an independent risk factor for coronary heart disease (CHD) and stroke,” said Prof Pekka Jousilahti, research ...

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