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New spider species found deep in southern Indiana cave

IMAGE: This is a female specimen of the newly described rare spider species Islandiana lewisi. Credit: Dr. Marc Milne Spiders are ubiquitous within our forests, fields, and backyards. Although you may be used to seeing the beautiful yellow and black spiders of the genus Argiope in your garden, large ground-scurrying wolf spiders in your yard, or spindly cellar spiders in your ...

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Oldest 8500-year-old Copper Smelting Unit Unearthed in Turkey

A team of archaeological scientists have found the earliest copper smelting event at the Late Neolithic site of Çatalhöyük in central Turkey, confirming the claim of the site’s archaeological importance. Whether metallurgy was such an exceptional skill to have only been invented once or repeatedly at different locations is therefore still contentious. The proponents of the latter have just provided ...

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