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Anonymous Predicts NASA Announcement on Alien Life Soon; Will it be on Europa?

In this false color image of Europa, reddish-brown areas represent non-ice material resulting from geologic activity. White areas are rays of material ejected during the formation of the Pwyll impact crater. Icy plains are shown in blue tones to distinguish possibly coarse-grained ice (dark blue) from fine-grained ice (light blue). Long, dark lines are ridges and fractures in the crust, some of which are more than 1,850 miles long. These images were obtained by NASA's Galileo spacecraft during Sept. 7, 1996, Dec. 1996 and Feb. 1997 at a distance of 417,489 miles. Image Credit: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona

Not NASA but the global hacking group Anonymous has come out with a revelation that the US space agency is likely to announce the discovery of alien life. Anonymous on their website said, “NASA says aliens are coming!” and there is no confirmation from NASA, which never reacted on such alien stories in the last seven decades. Anonymous has also ...

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