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Sushma Swaraj Offers Help on Kuwait, Libya, South Sudan Victims Abroad

In view of sporadic incidents of attacks on Indian nationals in the Gulf and Middle-East, Indian External Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj on Tuesday said that the Indian Embassy has taken up the matter at the highest level in Kuwait and Libya to ensure safety and security of Indian nationals.

On the condition of Mrs. Gopika Shajikumar, who was stabbed in Kuwait, she said the victim has undergone a surgery and is recovering. “I was informed about the stabbing of Mrs. Gopika Shajikumar an Indian national from Kottayam. I asked for an immediate report and we have complete details of the unfortunate incident. Gopika has undergone surgery at the Farwaniya hospital. I wish her a speedy recovery,” Swaraj tweeted on Twitter.

On Libyan case where an Indian citizen was shot with a gun, she wrote on Twitter, “We have rescued Dr.Ramamurthy Kosanam in Libya. Dr.Kosanam has suffered a bullet injury. We are bringing him to India shortly. Later, she tweeted that the Mission had rescued all the six Indians abducted in Libya. “I appreciate the good work done by our mission there,” she added.

In another incident in South Sudan, where an Indian was shot dead, brother of one of the victim Syed Farooq Basha in Juba, South Sudan tweeted from Kurnool in Andhra Pradesh seeking help from the minister, who in turn asked the ambassador to rush to the scene and help the victim’s family in sending the body home.


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