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Sushma Swaraj Digs out Old Lok Sabha Video to Counter Meira Kumar

Sushma Swaraj, known for her open challenge to Sonia Gandhi when she was slated to become Prime Minister in 2004, has reiterated similar stand against the opposition candidate for President, Meira Kumar, digging out an old video from archives.

BJP Ram Nath Kovind and Opposition candidate Meira Kumar, former Lok Sabha speaker will be contesting the office of President of India in the July 17 Presidential elections. Though initial rumours hinted at Sushma Swaraj as the possible candidate, BJP leadership wanted to neuter opposition move by naming a Dalit and more acceptable leader Kovind who is currently Bihar Governor.

Sushma Swaraj, in her typical tirade against the congress and opposition nominee Meira Kumar tweeted saying the former speaker had interrupted her speech four times. The 6-minute video clip released by Ms Sushma Swaraj showed her accusing the then UPA government of corruption.

As the presiding officer, Meira Kumar was seen interrupting her saying, “All right”, “Thank you”, “Okay”, “I have to proceed”, though Sushma Swaraj continued her speech.

Not only video but Ms Swaraj also attached a press clipping from little-known daily Pioneer which said Swaraj was interrupted by the Speaker for at least 60 times during the next 2 minutes of Swaraj’s speech.

Ms Swaraj’s hostile gesture is seen as towing the leadership line though there was no need for any hysterical reaction in the race which is likely to go Kovind way as BJP and its allies comand majority of votes in the electoral college of the Presidential election that consists of elected MLAs and elected MPs. It could also be a move to ward off any suspicion from her own party bosses.

The trigger could be from the remarks made by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Kovind’s candidature saying, “The Office of the President is a key post. Someone of the stature of Pranab Da, or even Sushma Swaraj or Advaniji may have been made the candidate”. Though a positive gesture in support of Ms Swaraj, the BJP leadership grew uncomfortable over the remarks and hence, Ms Sushma Swaraj has to take the cudgils against Meira Kumar.

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