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Post-Hafiz Saeed House Arrest, India Seeks Credible Crack Down by Pakistan

In an official response to the preventive detention of Hafiz Saeed and others by Pakistan on Tuesday, India’s spokesperson for the Ministry of External Affairs, Mr Vikas Swarup said credible steps by Pakistan required to show its commitment to end terrorism.

Pakistan’s Ministry of Interior placed on Tuesday the Jamaat-ud-Dawa and the Falah–e-Insaniyet Foundation under the watchlist. Also the Falah-e-Insaniyet Foundation has been included in the second schedule of their anti-terror legislation under United Nations Security Council Resolution No. 1267.

“We have also noted that Hafiz Saeed and four others have been placed under preventive detention,” said Mr. Swarup.

The United Nations Security Council 1267 provisions maintain that the countries should list and prosecute known terrorist entities and individuals effectively. India said it has consistently called for bringing known terrorists under the ambit of the 1267 sanctions.

“Exercises such as yesterday’s orders against Hafiz Saeed and others have been carried out by Pakistan in the past also. Only a credible crack down on the mastermind of the Mumbai terrorist attack and terrorist organizations involved in cross border terrorism would be proof of Pakistan’s sincerity,” said Mr. Swarup in a cautious response to the development.

Hafiz Muhammad Saeed is a co-founder of Lashkar-e-Taiba, which operates from Pakistan soil and has had sanctions placed against it by the United Nations as a terrorist organisation. India has long been demanding his arrest and prosecution.

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