Nostradamus Predictions: From Hitler to Modi?

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi never claimed himself but his ministers and the BJP coterie around him are bringing him more ridicule than applomb.

While cracking on JNU campus in hurry, Home Minister Rajnath Singh branded all JNU students as "anti-national" only to eat his own words on the floor of the house and they saw what they created instead — Kanhaiya Kumar, JNUSU leader who has become a national hero in less than month that he can outshine even the charisma of Narendra Modi anyday.

Undaunted, another minister in the Home Ministry, that is Union Minister of State Kiren Rijiju has worked overnight or the entire week to calculate and put out what he claims was indeed one of the predictions of French prophet Nostradamus that Narendra Modi in India would ascend to rule India and the world.

Nostradamus is credited with predicting the French Revolution, the atom bomb, the rise of Adolf Hitler and the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York. But none of these he mentioned in perfection but our new age admirers of Doomsday Prophecy avowedly attributed these events to re-interpret his writings.

Perhaps following similar footsteps, Rijiju has compiled some so-called ‘AMAZING FACTS !!!’ and puts out his mathematical calculations which he claimed to have shown BJP’s victory in May 2014 based on number 13.

In Current Lok Sabha

"BJP – 283 Seats 2+8+3 = 13

NDA – 337 Seats 3+3+7 = 13

UPA – 58 Seats 5+8 = 13

Others-148 Seats 1+4+8 = 13

Prediction of Nostradamus “450 years ago of Modi Era”: How ???" he left his followers in wonder but the whole nation has a topic after Kanhaiya Kumar’s arrest joled the nation in February.

Rijuju and BJP admirers and think-tanks have come out with the new interrpretation now that the French prophet Nostradamus wrote way back in 1555 that "from 2014 to 2026, a man will lead india, whom initially, people will hate but after that people will love him. Under his leadership India will not only just become the Global Master, but many countries will also come into the shelter of India."

But what about Hitler? Even Hitler was predicted in an obscure way and later they attributed the reference to Hitler. What about Kanhaiya Kumar? Even he was referred to in Nostradamus, if one reads it carefully.

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