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Job Loss Bigger Blow Than Divorce: Study

In a new research for Bloomberg, the University of East Anglia and the What Works Center for Wellbeing, an independent body set up by the U.K. government, have revealed that it is worse to loose a job than loosing a spouse in a divorce.

The shock from the fact of getting fired in a job is more painful and impacts on mental health, self-esteem and satisfaction with life, said the data. Unemployment hovers around for years to come and people continue to become increasingly unhappy over the next few years, it said.

“After someone loses a partner, take a big dip and then, on average, it’ll get back to previous levels. But with unemployment, we just don’t see that happening,” said Tricia Curmi of the What Works Center for Wellbeing.

While it took two years to get over loss of spouse, job loss could torment them for more than four years, and men are more vulnerable to mental depression than women from this shock, pointed out the study.

“To have meaning in your life in this society means to be working, contributing, and to have that status,” Curmi said. It is not merely the salary but also the social mixing at the workplace and support from co-workers which keeps men going at the workplace than at home or leading a solo lifestyle.

Extroverts may bounce back quickly but incase of introverts, the suffering will last longer even for years, said another report. Many people who seek divine inspiration get to overcome such problems, Curmi said. “People who regularly attended church had a buffering effect from the impact of unemployment,” she noted.

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