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Fakenews finder NewsGuard opens hotline, encrypted service now

NewsGuard, which has been scanning thousands of news websites to identify fake and irresponsible news, has started a new hotline service.

Planning to employ trained journalists to check and rate thousands of news conetent daily, the hotline service will be supported by a secure and encrypted digital infrastructure, said the company in a statement.

The telephone hotline will be useful for the political candidates and members of the public to report suspected fake news sites.

Steven Brill, co-CEO of NewsGuard said, “We’ve already seen one case of a candidate citing an endorsement from a bogus site that was created by supporters of that candidate. This is a particularly insidious variety of fake news, because it is aimed directly at unsuspecting voters.”

He said a SWAT team of NewsGuard analysts will work 24/7 to monitor fake news and identify suddenly trending news sites that NewsGuard has not yet rated. It will now check those website and warn the users about them in real time.

The company has also sought Internet users to contact Newsguard and send information in a secure, fully encrypted messages on WhatsApp number +1-740-480-1850 or SMS to: +1-740-480-1850 in the US. Those who wish to send an email can get in touch with Newsguard at tips. or they can call and leave a digital voice message at: +1-740-480-1850, said the company in its statement.

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