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France 24’s Event Encore In India to Focus on Empowering Women


As part of its special programming for International Women’s Day on the 8th of March, France 24’s culture team heads to India to explore the world’s largest democracy and see how women, and women’s rights, are making their mark on the country’s vibrant arts scene. Olivia Salazar-Winspear presents two special editions of the daily culture showEncore!

Wednesday 8th March

Paromhita Vohra and Ram Devineni present the comic-book project that is looking to change mentalities when it comes to women’s place in society. “Priya’s Shakti” and “Priya’s Mirror” take real-life stories as their inspiration.

The culture teams also catches up with filmmaker Leena Yadav, whose film “Parched” explores gender politics in the patriarchal setting of an isolated village, and discuss the challenges of pushing a feminist message in mainstream cinema.

Thursday 9th March

For the second part of this special edition, Encore! goes to Mumbai to meet with stand-up comedian Radhika Vaz. She highlights the cultural shift that’s redressing the gender balance slowly but surely in India, and how being “Unladylike” is a form of political resistance.

Encore! also meets with the “Why Loiter” group, who stage cultural interventions in public spaces which can feel hostile for women. One of “Why Loiter’s” members, Priyanka, demonstrates how a simple “Antakshari” -or singing game- in the Mumbai metro brings men and women together in a friendly sing-off.

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