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AYUSH Ministry Clarifies on Sex During Pregnancy in Booklets

With the Indian media going gaga over the brochure on “Mother and Child Care”, published by the Central Council for Research in Yoga and Naturopathy (CCRYN), the AYUSH ministry has given clarification that the advice to have ‘no sex’ was not true.

Some news reports have drawn an assertion that the booklet puts forward the “prescription” that “pregnant women in India” should “say no to sex after conception”. “This is far from the truth. In fact, the words “no sex” do not feature at all in the booklet,” the AYUSH ministry pointed out in a statement.

Some reports have appeared in the print and electronic media since June 13, 2017 concerning the publication of CCRYN, an autonomous body under the Ministry of AYUSH but these reports are seen to be inaccurate, and some are even seen to misrepresent facts, that forced the Ministry of AYUSH to issue clarification:

It said the booklet puts together relevant and useful information culled out from many years of clinical practice in the fields of Yoga and Naturopathy, keepin in view the health benefits of Yoga and Naturopathy to expecting mothers and new mothers in a simple format.

This publication, which has been in distribution through the units of the erstwhile Department of AYUSH and CCRYN since 2013, and not a recent publication, clarified the statement.

Many new mothers and families have appreciated that information relevant to the different phases of pregnancy has been made available in a simple format in the booklet. The information provided includes diet plans based on clinical experience, simple naturopathy treatments and tips for remaining stress-free during pregnancy.

It also suggests on page 14 of the booklet to avoid certain types of food like tea, coffee, white flour products, fried and oily items and non-veg during pregnancy, which have received selective attention. The suggestion that non-vegetarian food may be avoided (as Yoga & Naturopathy doesn’t advocate non-vegetarian food in its practice) has been singled out for high-lighting in some reports, omitting the mention of white flour products, fried and oily items etc have also been there, said the statement.

The Ministry of AYUSH has urged the media to view the efforts of CCRYN to take the preventive health benefits of Yoga to all sections of the population (including expecting mothers) in the right perspective.

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